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Broadening My Own Horizons

Broadening My Own Horizons

The Eiffel tower loomed above me, with my head to the sky I looked to the top and couldn’t stop thinking, “it’s even better than the pictures,” as my family and I began to climb the endless stairs. When I was younger I got the amazing opportunity to travel across Europe with my father as he worked, as we traveled the Eiffel tower was not the only amazing site I saw, while traveling I was introduced to so many new amazing sites like Big Ben, the Anne Frank House, the Louvre, the colosseum, and so much more. Everywhere I went my eyes were opened to a new culture and history and I was able to gain so many new and meaningful experiences in السياحة في كيرلا . By having the opportunity to travel I have broadened my horizons in ways I would not have even thought possible.


A huge way that revealing broadens horizons is through introducing people to new cultures. Culture is people’s, beliefs, their art, language, and abasically what makes them, them. Every place people get the chance to travel to has a new and unique culture that they can learn about and learn from. Our culture in the United States, which centers a lot around pop culture, is very different than cultures other places around the world. While traveling, I got to experience many different cultures and being able to be immersed in these cultures allowed me to garner a greater understanding of how others across the world live. Spain was I place that I visited that has a very different culture than the one I was accustomed to. In many ways it was different than the culture in the United States and one major way was that they spoke Spanish.

As someone who was taking Spanish classes and trying to learn the language the chance to converse with native Spanish speakers and to be in Madrid where I was immersed in Spanish was an invaluable experience. Not only did I get to experience a new language I got to experience new foods as well. In Spain we ate the biggest meal of the day at lunch and for dinner we would eat smaller meals and tapas for dinner. I also got to generally see a different way of living, seeing how the homes, the transportation, religion, and even the beaches were different gave me a new perspective. Traveling and being able to experience another culture first hand expanded the way I thought of the world and how people from different place live.


Traveling can also broaden our horizons in a historical sense, traveling can teach you so much more about what has happened around the world. Traveling to Rome I was surrounded by remnants of the past empire. Being able to see the ruins and huge sites like the coliseum made me very interested in the events of the past. Being able to see that past made it come alive to me and gave me a much better understanding of what happened. So many countries have interesting remnants of the past and being able to travel to these places can really give people a better idea of what happened and to see how it effects people. Traveling can expand our knowledge of history by giving it a more human and realistic side.

Finally traveling broadens our horizons by giving people new experiences. There were so many new things I tried when I traveled like riding a train or speaking Spanish or new foods and they are things that I definitely want to try again. Traveling can truly broaden a person’s horizons in that that can be introduced to a whole new way of life, new history, and new experiences. Not only does traveling expand our horizons but it expands our knowledge of the world and in my experience, has made me a much more well-rounded and worldly person