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What do I Do with a Log Splitter that has No Pressure to Split Wood?

What do I Do with a Log Splitter that has No Pressure to Split Wood?

Using a log splitting device can turn out to be very useful indeed if you have to chop down wood for professional reasons and want to find the most efficient way to do this job. The sun joe manual log splitter is accompanied by an extensive shelf life and a long term warranty and performs very well. It can work on electricity and gas as well as on hydraulic mechanism. If you find that you are in possession of a hydraulic log splitter that generates little or no pressure to split the wood, here is what you can do about it.

One of the best ways to troubleshoot when faced with a problem like a log splitter not producing enough pressure to split wood, is to try and inspect the relief valve that is situated on the lever. The jam nut needs to be removed and then the bolt needs to be removed as well, preferably through the use of an Allen wench. Once this is done, you need to remove the spring. The plunger may or may not be difficult to remove. After removing everything, just try re-assembling these parts all over again. The results are likely to be far better than before. It is more than likely as well, that the cylinder will move freely in a back and forth manner once the different parts have been re-assembled but it will become stable when it comes into contact with the wood.

Another good way to resolve this situation altogether would be to replace the different components of the log splitter with new ones. Since this is likely to be quite expensive and time consuming at the same time, you could try re-assembling first and see how this works out for you.